At The McKay Group, we pride ourselves on developing relationships and work tirelessly to help you achieve your real estate goals. Whether you’re buying or selling, our focus lays in research, innovation, and consumer education to best serve the unique needs of each of our clients. For those looking to sell specifically, the latest interior trend forecasts and decor trends keep you in tune with how to best prepare your home for sale and why these suggestions will ultimately maximize results and return on investment. 


Grays and Neutral Colors are Warming Up

According to Sandra Chandler, “consumers are getting bored of sterile, minimalist spaces.” Uniformity is making way for bolder colors and splashes of personality into different areas of the home. For the maximist in all of us, black or darker toned cabinets can help bring kitchens to life, balanced with enough white or cream as to not be too heavy. Islands in dark greens and teals are also breaking up the lighter neutrals. Home color trends are moving toward warmer colors and feminine tones for walls like dusty pinks, blush and bronze to break up expanses of neutral taupe and grays. Instead of trying to match colors and styles perfectly, choose accent items or tones you enjoy and create unique combinations.


Let the Outdoors In

Aesthetics, inviting atmospheres, adn seamless transitions are all created via blending indoor and outdoor living spaces. By establishing a flow between interior and exterior spaces, additional light can make its way into the home as well as encourage more outdoor activity. These effects can have a positive impact on the health of all who enter or spend time there, and this design element can be achieved via things like large sliding and collapsible doors, matching flooring both indoors and outdoors, or investing in wicker furniture and accents.


Exterior Trends

Siding colors are moving towards darker shades and hues - red is even starting to make an appearance! The new and popular color palette for housing features “dark on dark” looks, pairing dark siding with dark trim. This style offers a more contemporary look. For lighter exterior colors, the trim accents are focused on black and dark browns. Outdoor living spaces continue to grow in popularity, along with high quality and low maintenance materials and floor-to-ceiling windows and doors. 


Trends to Embrace and Trends to Avoid

Though a bit more unconventional, a few trends are breaking the surface and adding unique design and style elements to homes. For kitchens, countertop-to-ceiling backsplashes in bolder color choices, graphic tile patterns, and softer geometric designs are being embraced along with abstract-shaped islands and custom drawer inserts with bright colors. For other spaces, glass and steel doors and room dividers allow more light into the home while maintaining privacy and noise control. Just as important, a few noted trends to avoid are: word art, farmhouse doors, colored accent wall, faux fur, and bright white cabinets.


To amplify your living space, these 2019 home decor trends should be kept top-of-mind to increase the value of your home. If preparing to sell, our team at The McKay Group represents some of the best and brightest real estate professionals in the industry. For additional insight and advice on achieving your real estate goals, contact us today at 630-513-0104 or fill out our online form for information tailored to your needs.